HEC's Re-Manufacturing
Howard Engineering Corporationís transmissions are built to the highest quality standards in the industry. We employ skilled re-builders, and equip them with the best tools for the job. We constantly assess the re-building process: fine-tuning procedures, adding and upgrading equipment, all with the goal of improving the performance of our transaxle products. The quality products we offer now result from more than five decades of experience and production improvements.

When transmission cores arrive at the HEC re-manufacturing plant they are disassembled and all parts are cleaned in our custom-built parts washers. Cases are further cleaned and polished in our ceramic vibratory case washers, resulting in new looking re-built components. All parts undergo a detailed inspection to ensure that they meet or exceed OEM specifications, or in some cases, HECís more stringent specifications for parts that we know to be prone to failure. Any parts that do not meet required specifications are replaced with OEM parts.

HEC transmission being built.
Every transmission we re-manufacture is built with new gaskets and o-ring seals. We use OEM frictions, steel plates and solenoids. Valve bodies are assembled and pressure tested in a separate department under near-clean room conditions.

Every automatic transmission comes with a new (re-manufactured) torque converter; torque converters are cut open in house and re-manufactured with new lockup frictions, bearings and o-ring seals.

Every automatic transmission is delivered with an in-line magnetic filter installed on the cooler return line. The filter provides dual filtration that is designed to be completely effective in removing ferrous metal particles from lubricating systems. The addition of this filter helps prevent contamination of the new transmission, ensuring a long operating life.

All HEC transmissions must pass extensive quality control procedures. After assembly transmissions are leak tested, then installed on a Dynamometer for operational testing. The dyno ensures that every transmission performs to all OEM specifications. After passing Dyno testing transmissions are installed in automobiles from HECís testing fleet and road-tested. They are then drained, cleaned, plugged, bagged and packaged in leak-proof containers for shipping.

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